Lg Q6 G6 Plus | How to bypass Google “Verify your account” FRP lock

Lg Q6 G6 Plus | How to bypass Google “Verify your account” FRP lock

Lg Q6 G6 Plus | “Verify your account” FRP lock

LG mobile also I have Google verify at the time of activation. A user can only activate it when did you like and enter correct email ID or password and he can activate LG mobile phone.

How to bypass Google “Verify your account” FRP lock

To bypass google account on LG Follow this instruction.

  1. Wi-Fi connection must be connected
  2. Divide must be charging about the 50%.
  3. You can also is that your diary divide by after going recovery mode go to recovery mode your volume up down and power button.
  4. After reset from recovery mode turn on your device and follow the set of tab on accessibility From applicability option.
  5. Go to Actability to turn it on now go to settings and explore down at the bottom find the combo for overview dead at the moment a pop-up will display on volume up button and then click okay Becky this process will change the combination of poor old are you.
  6. After getting in applicability tape vision and then tap talkbackCall down complete bottom then tap settings scroll down and then privacy policy no hear delete any browser link it will pop up our browser.
  7. At the top of the browser click on Google homepage download Samsung bypass google verify from panda.in
  8. Download a PDF file press volume down button to enable overview after the window roll down and file finder file manager will it on all five and then go downloaded folder find downloaded APK file.
  9. Install a PK file and enable unknown sources from setting.
  10. No after respiration complete open door bypass at TK end it will Gaya directly take you in the settings go to the general tab and then follow the user and then add you that this will take a new account sign in in Google account.
  11. Click on settings now be exceed normally go to settings from the status bar then general tab go to user click owner and wait for the owner.
  12. No irritate the device restart the device typing break up and you said then mobile phone will be restored to original settings.

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