LYF Bypass Google Account Verification FRP lock

LYF Bypass Google Account Verification FRP lock

LYF Bypass Google Account Verification FRP lock

Google account verification and factory reset protection both are the same features in the android mobile phone.

that feature Is created to secure you are a mobile phone from thieves. You have lost your mobile phone somewhere or any nobody can activate your mobile phone without your email account and password.

Unfortunately, he tried to enter his email ID on your mobile phone he can be caught easily. Because it will give you let it dude information at the activation time.

How to bypass LYF FRP lock

Can be unlocked by it is very easy and simple to unlock your device.

Required files

  • Bypass application
  • google account manager
  • Quick shortcut maker
  • Account login


  1. you have to make a call from emergency calling option and try to click on a message icon If you don’t see message icon tere.
  2. Cut the call and then try to click on message icon.
  3. Now send you are a message like to any contact number.
  4. On that link, it will open a browser choose chrome browser.
  5. Go to side and download Google account manager supported to your android version
  6. install Google account manager And then again go to and download quick shortcut maker or search bypass application by Pangu. And download bypass application.
  7. Just enter email ID and password and restart your device your device is unlocked successfully
  8. You can factory resets your android mobile phone.

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