Marshmallow FRP Remove 6.0.1

Marshmallow FRP Remove. The process will work on marshmallow 6.0.1 I have mentioned all method of marshmallow android version for Samsung earlier 2017. on Samsung J7 from 6.0 to 6.0.1, and on Samsung S7 edge. Do not use other mobile phones. It is supporting only mobile phone.

Marshmallow FRP Remove

Marshmallow 6.0.1 can we unlock by this method. It only for the marshmallow Samsung mobile if you want to unlock lollipop and follow bellow links Lollipop Samsung and Nougat Samsung mobile. It is recommended that why your device once again to start this process everything will be fine.

if you want to unlock lollipop and other versions of the Android mobile phone then follow the above link. A simple method which is created by me.

How to remove Marshmallow FRP 6.0.1

To unlock and remove FRP lock on Samsung mobile phone on marshmallow 6.0.1 version you have to follow this instruction.



    1. First, you have to download Samsung driver and install it into your computer by which you want to unlock your mobile phone.
    2. No download and install software onto your computer after installation realterm software starts it from the desktop from the start menu.
    3. Now go to a device manager and check Samsung modern com port and remember that port number.
    4. and enter now connect your android marshmallow Lok mobile phone into your computer now enter following called one by one to make a call.
      • It will make a call to your android phone now there are many options that you Maddie follow
      • If you see message I can then click and send a message to anyone didn’t and click that link it will open the browser
      • Bluetooth option on Bluetooth and connect Bluetooth And got the call now operates three second quarter from blue to do it will open a set of Google search option now search chrome and it will open the chrome browser.
      • see a contact I can our dear my contacts I can’t you can also unlock your phone delete all contacts I can and click on add new contact now explain more details and enter a website address into your contact on that website link it will open a browser chrome browser.
      • also can be our event I can in Samsung mobile depends on the android version you can you create an event. when event ring in the type when the event ring just clicks on details and click on that link it will open a browser, you can unlock your mobile phone.
    5. You have to download only maker and Google account manager into your phone your quick forgot my card to enter new email ID and password into your mobile phone and restart your mobile bowl
    6. Your mobile unlocked.


I have unsuccessful many times but I didn’t give up and after working day lots of days I found a solution and now it is working well on oil marshmallow android version many mobiles have a different option at the calling time so don’t hesitate to ask me if you found any issue I have given all five types of unlocking methods in a single process.

If you found something wrong while doing unlocking you have to wipe your wife your device once again from recovery mode.

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