Nougat FRP unlock 7.0, 7.1.1, 7.1.2

We have made Nougat FRP unlock solution. It is fast and easy way working on Samsung Android Nougat 7.0, 7 .1 .1 and 7.1.2. You can unlock your Samsung mobile phone in only five minutes. We will use Bypass unlock tool to unlock the mobile. this is the latest fix for all Samsung Android phones. All tools can be found below while reading you will get all bypass tools regarding this solution.

Nougat FRP unlock for 7.0_ 7.1_ 7.1.1

This is only working on android nougat mobile phone especially for 7.1.2. I am giving this tool only for the android devices which have nougat versions. I have given all the links which help you in the process.

We have also solved FRP unlocked in android Marshmallow and lollipop versions this also can be found here. We can use this on any Android operating system to unlock password. You have to just follow the process to unlock Nougat mobile phone.

In this tutorial, we are only solving the issue latest Android Nougat operating system. If you want to unlock Nougat android version. keep reading this article. it will help you to remove FRP lock on Samsung android mobile phone.

How to remove FRP (Lollipop and Marshmallow)

It is most easy procedures to bypass or remove factory reset protection on Samsung. and also working on other companies mobile phone. follow the steps.



How to remove Nougat FRP (Unlock google verify)

Step 1: Before following this process you have to download Realterm Software and install it on your computer. Also, download and install Samsung USB driver on the computer but you can skip this step if already did.

Step 2: Connect your locked mobile phone via USB cable then open realterm software and check comPORT from device manager.

Step 3: After checking Samsung modem comPORT from device manager, enter a comPORT number into the real-term software. after entering the port number into the field click on setup button. it will create a connection between phone and PC, Now enter calling code into the field and click send button it will make a call by your android mobile phone.

Step 4: Now connect a Bluetooth handset to your phone. to connect Bluetooth long press Bluetooth call button for 10 seconds select handset from the searched list. After connecting handset press call key for three seconds It will search on your mobile now speak “calculator” open calculator

Step 5: Enter: ” (+30012012732+ ” into the calculator without “. after entering the code into your calculator it will open another window now enter *#0808#.

Step 6: It will ask you to 5 ADB option select DM + ACM + ADB and reboot your device. after the restart mobile phone connects a USB cable. The device can also be Put into debugging mode process To put your android into debugging mode.

Step 8: After restart connects a USB cable again. after connecting USB cable while debugging mode your device will ask you to enable debugging allow it and keep connecting the USB cable to the device.

Step 9: Now open folder ADB FRP zip file and run the commands. It will remove the lock from your android mobile phone just restart your device. You have successfully unlocked your android mobile phone.


In this method for bypass FRP on nougat android version, I have experienced that it is working most mobile phone. till now I have tried almost many Samsung models and I get success in 99% on android Nougat 7.1.1.

If you find any issue with this article. while FRP unlocks you can see all related pages. in this blog, I have found only one tricky thing that is to open calculator by using Bluetooth.


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