Download Quick Shortcut Maker v.2.4.0 apk

FRP Unlock via Quick shortcut maker v.2.0.0 apk

,Quick shortcut maker v.2.0.0 APK helps you when you need to choose Type email and password and enter any Gmail account. it unlocks and removes FRP account in an easy and fast way. Always use the latest version of this app to prevent any issue during the unlocking this is an older version. Quick shortcut maker v.2.4.0 APK download 2017is an alternative of Pangu FRP Samsung Bypass APK

FRP Unlock via Quick shortcut maker v.2.0.0 APK

It is faster than the latest version. In this version, all the permission is accepted by the user only. It cannot be an accessed network without you the permission. This app can send an error report to the developer. Sometimes it gives issue because of the older version as many issues and box which is removed in the next version. I have mentioned the complete process in the step-by-step process in the blow.

If you find any issue in “quick shortcut maker v.2.0.0 APK” then downloads the latest version of it. downloads Link below. Before following this process you need to factory reset your device once for smoothly unlocking.

Download Quick Shortcut Maker V2.0.0

Quick shortcut maker v.2.0.0 APK download


Latest Version QuickShortcutMaker


Features of quick shortcut maker v.2.0.0

Shortcut maker can make shortcuts icon to hidden setting screens which usually not access this feature makes it faster. Even if you find any problems using this app or shortcuts created by this app. Download Latest version of quick Shortcut maker. The best feature of this application Is it can create a shortcut to die any application which we require frequently.

Quick maker also provides specialty list view where we can select a selected application. To place on the desktop screen and on a single tap we can launch that application. Is not only a single picture of software. I like the main feature that if I didn’t find any application under launcher then I usually search it in quick make search bar wherein a second I get that application.

How do I bypass Google FRP using the shortcut maker app/How to use quick shortcut maker to bypass FRP

You have to follow the simple instruction. to use shortcut maker to unlock FRP lock. To use shortcut maker to unlock FRP lock on any android device.

  1. You have to search on google quick shortcut maker by Pangu and on the top, you will find the best link to download it.
  2. After download APK go to the download location just install quickshortcutmaker. On the main screen, there will be a search box.
  3. Click on the search bar Now open search then tries to find Google account manager there are many options related to google account manager then open Type any email and password. if it showing error then click the link. you have to install google account manager supporting to the device if your android version is Naugat then install google account manager 7.0.1, 7.1.2, or install google account manager 6.0.1 if the android version is the marshmallow.
  4. After removing error in Type any email and password. Then tap try button. It will popup window to asking you a Gmail account. you have to just go to at the top-right of the screen there will be a three-dot menu.
  5. Click on Three dots button there and click login browser login now enter any Gmail account here. It is best practice to remember that account which you have entered after unlock write new Gmail account in a diary for Future remember.
  6. Now You can you restart your device devices unlock successfully.

Error in Quick shortcut maker “Type email and password”

If you are passing error in quit shortcut maker type email and password and you are unable to enter a new Gmail account into your android phone then you will have to install Google account manager correct version.


If you always forget your accounts. I will suggest you make a diary where you can easily write your Gmail or other account and password in the list format. In case if you forget your account you can easily find account and password in the set location. In the starting, I usually forget my accounts and password. I followed this rule. I used to create a new account whenever I forget my account and password. after following the diary Road


Always use the latest version of this software older version. In older have many bugs and it will instruct you while you are doing bypassing the lock. I have always use 2.4.0 version of this software I didn’t find any issue while using the latest version.


FRP Unlock via Quick shortcut maker v.2.0.0 apk

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