Stuck Samsung logo Galaxy | Bootloop

Stuck Samsung logo Galaxy Bootloop issue is found in Samsung mobile. It can be after the update, Software issue, application Bootloop, application crash, let memory on phone, software crash.

Stuck Samsung logo Galaxy | Bootloop

If your device is the stuck on Samsung logo that’s mean there is something Defected in your mobile.It can be hardware or in software issue.if it is the issue Bootloop of software and then it can be fixed.

but if it is an issue of hardware unit to change your modem icy chip programming. It is difficult to solve. sometimes it can be a fault of battery you need to change battery fast.

Bootloop issue of software that can be fixed. But if it is an issue of hardware unit to change your modem icy, chip programming. it is difficult to solve. if you want to secure your data then we will follow software method if you don’t need your data then we can go into recovery mode.

How to fix Stuck Samsung logo Galaxy


fix by Odin flashing

If you want to save your data or content then you need to follow following steps or

  1. You need to download Samsung Flashing file or Samsung firmware file.
  2. extract it on the desktop now open Odin and select PDA a file from downloaded files.
  3. now put your device on download world you need to press volume down home, PowerKey hotel figured together.
  4. After download mode, you will see on your Odin screen now connect your USB cable.
  5. Install Samsung USB driver.
  6. Now connect USB cable to your mobile phone mobile Mulvane download mode.
  7. The device will connect in download mode in Odin screen.
  8. Click on the start button.
  9. Before complete, please don’t disconnect your mobile will it will be stuck on soft brick mode.
  10. After complete, all download files in your device will disconnect automatically.
  11. Now just simply thought your device. And save your data after save your data and you can you will have to factory set of your factory said for your device.
  12. If this process is not well then you will have to follow second step disturb will not save your content and data.

Fix by Recovery Mode

if you want if you don’t want to secure your data and do it faster then you need to follow second is dead help you to fix your device fast.

  1. Switch off your device completely.
  2. press volume up, home, power tea together for 10 seconds.
  3. you will see a recovery mode on your screen
  4. now you will see some options select wife data.
  5. then yes and reboot your device.
  6. it will delete all your data from your phone so please do not follow this person if you want to secure your data for content.

If both conditions do not give you happiness then you have to take it to Servicenter, it must have heard that you were madam is your foot

Reasons Stuck logo Galaxy or Bootloop

sometimes it can be a fault of battery you need to change battery fast. In case it helps okay you can be the blessing or it can be fixed by the recovery mode


If your device has a start on logo then Indo to condition data can be secured or not do not use recovery method it will remove your all data and content from Samsung mobile phone.


When I had to content on my device I have always followed Flushing Meadows to secure my data by using this method sometimes I have is that and on about logo in that condition, I didn’t secure my data.

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