Xolo Bypass Google Account Verification FRP lock

Xolo Bypass Google Account Verification FRP lock.

Xolo Bypass Google Account Verification FRP lock

How to bypass Xolo FRP lock



  1. Try to open emergency call option.dial a call 1 to 112 number.
  2. No tape on a message I can and write www.google.com and then send it to any contact.now click on that link it will open a browser no download Google account manager Subodh in your android version.Download quick shortcut maker or use bypass application.
  3. now open Quick shortcut maker or bypass application to enter any Gmail account.open Quick shortcut maker and search Google account.
  4. . and open type email and password field and Deb try now it will open a browser 3 dots n on the above screen then it’s okay if you don’t find 3.I can on the top screen then download 3.menu.
  5. Enter any Gmail account and password restart your mobile unlock.

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