How to make/diy deep flash cable Mi Max/Redmi/3s/Note 3/Note 4

How to make/DIY deep flash cable Mi Max/Redmi/3s/Note 3/Note 4. this cable is also known as EDL cable or download mode cable. India older version you can have the ability to put the android mobile phone into download mode by using volume up and down keys. Especially we use the volume down and PowerKey to boot Mi into fast boot mode.

How to make/DIY deep flash cable

diy deep flash cable

in this article,  we will talk about how to make or die deep blood Kapil by a simple USB cable. It requires a switch button, cutter, normal USB cable. We have to your find VC and ground wire.

Just take a cable and pull out the green and black wire and when you short both wires connect your USB cable to your mobile phone it will take your mobile phone into download mode. that is called EDL mode.


Support on Mi Max /Redmi /3s /Note 3 /Note 4

To flash device you need deep flash cable because Mi has blocked download word in its latest versions know you cannot put mobile phones in download mode by pressing volume button combination.

It is because of security reason particularly every person cannot put the device on download mode that is the reason that MI blocked download mode change its version.

Has removed download mode feature on mobile phone loading and above now you cannot put your device on download mode. this is an Only solution (EDL) You can request a permission to unlock emergency mode by the company.

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