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By | October 20, 2017

Firmware is a flashing file for the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. you can find here official ROM for Samsung device. always use the latest firmware for your Samsung device. you need to two things to flash Samsung device. Samsung Odin, and a Firmware. a flashing file contains PDA, BL, CSC packages.

What is Samsung Firmware


I have given flashing instruction at the end of this page. You can follow the instruction for flashing the Samsung Galaxy mobile. Always remember do not use any wrong firmware on your smartphone it can easily brick the device. To install Firmware on Samsung Galaxy mobile is an easy and secure process.

 How to use Samsung firmware.


Instruction Download and Flash Samsung firmware


1 Step: Download and install Samsung USB driver always use the latest USB drivers. If you have already done it you can leave this step.

2 Step: Also Downloaded Odin extract it on the desktop. After extraction the must be an Odin.exe file now opens Odin flash tool.

3 Step: After run Odin Tool, select firmware file in PDA field. These files can be found in firmware .zip package. in this package, you can have one or four files both packages are same if you find single file use Odin 1.85 in case file contains four files use 3.12 Odin flash tool.

4 Step: Now put your Samsung mobile phone into download mode. to put the device in download mode press home and power and volume down keys for 10 second. phone must be switch off.

5 Step: After download mode now connect the USB cable to the mobile phone your mobile will be displayed on Odin tool. If the mobile phone not displayed in Odin tool install Samsung USB drivers again.

6 Step: No just click start button downloading will start. Do not disconnect your device” during the update. or never remove the battery while these process is going on. After complete your mobile will restart automatically that’s all.


Galaxy Samsung Firmware file List

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung J7 J5 J3 J2 J1

Samsung  Note8 Note7 Note5 Note4 Note3 Note2

Galaxy s9 S8 Plus s7 edge s6 s5 s4 s3 s2

 Galaxy Tab S2, Pro, Tab A, Tab E, Tab 10, Tab 8, Tab 7, Tab 4, Tab 3, Tab 2

Samsung A8 Plus



Samsung SM-J710F Stock firmware (flash file)

Samsung Z3 SM-Z300H

Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H

Nexus GT-I9250

Samsung Google Nexus S GT-I9023

Young GT-S6312

Y Pro Duos GT-B5512

Y Pro GT-B5510

Y Duos GT-S6102

Y GT-S5360

Y GT-S5303

Win GT-i8558

Win GT-I8552B

W GT-I8150

Victory SPH-L300

V Plus SM-G318MZ


Trend 3 SM-G3502U

Trend 3 SM-G3502L

Trend Plus GT-S7583T

Trend Plus GT-S7580L

Trend Plus GT-S7580

Trend GT-S7568I

Trend GT-S7392

Star Pro GT-S7262

Star 2 SM-G130E

Star Advance SM-G350E

Star GT-S5282

Sol SM-J321AZ

SL GT-I9003

Sky SM-S320VL

Rugby Pro SGH-I547

R GT-I9103

Pro GT-B7510

Pop SCH-I559

Pocket Plus GT-S5301

Pocket Neo GT-S5312

Pocket Neo GT-S5310L

Pocket Neo GT-S5310i

Pocket 2 Duos SM-G110B

Pocket Duos GT-S5302

Pocket GT-S5300

On7 SM-G600FY


On5 SM-G550T1

On5 SM-G550T

On5 SM-G550FY

Mini 2 GT-S6500

Mini GT-S5570

Mega 2 SM-G750H

Mega 6.3 GT-I9200

Mega 5.8 GT-I9152

Mega SGH-i527M

Luna SM-S120VL

K Zoom SM-C115

Frame GT-S6810

Fit GT-S5670

Fame Duos GT-S6812B

Express 3 SM-J120A
Exhibit SGH-T599N

E7 SM-E700H

E5 SM-E500H

Chat GT-B5330 firmware

C5 SM-C5000 firmware

Avant SM-G386T1 firmware

Avant SM-G386T firmware

Amp 2 SM-J120AZ firmware

Alpha SM-G850Y firmware

Alpha SM-G850M firmware

Grand Prime Plus SM-G532F

Grand Prime Blanc SM-G530FZ

Grand Prime 4G SM-G531F

Grand Prime SM-G531M

Grand Prime SM-G530W

Grand Prime SM-G530H

Grand Prime SM-G530BT

Grand Prime SM-G530AZ

Grand Neo GT-I9060I

Grand Neo GT-I9060

Grand Max SM-G7202

Grand Max SM-G7200

Grand 2 SM-G7102

Grand Duos GT-I9082

Firmware Downloader to download Latest Samsung firmware.

SamFirm v0.3.6 Firmware Downloader

This is a tool to download Samsung flash file download that tool it will download the flash file for your mobile phone. Only a basic tool to download from here I will always recommend you to download a file directly from any site.

we will provide all Samsung firmware files as soon as possible we have purchased faster server and we are collecting all model firmware files.

Samsung galaxy Flashing file and tutorial. We will show you how to flash, update, install custom Rome on any Samsung android mobile phone.

Samsung galaxy Flashing file and tutorial


Tutorial created step by step tutorial to update, Flash, Or install custom ROM into an android Samsung mobile phone it this project will support more Uber all Samsung mobile phone.

How to use Firmware to flash Samsung mobile

How to use Odin Samsung galaxy Flashing file and tutorial  We have every Samsung firmware ever released



  • 1 Switched off your device completely.
  • 2 Press and hold power volume down and home key for ten seconds for download mode.
  • 3 Connect your device USB cable.
  • 4 Open Odin flash tool.
  • 5 Choose firmware files in PDA.
  • 6 Click on the start button.

Do not disconnect your mobile phone while it is on download mode otherwise, you will break your smartphone. but it can be fixed by using then close it again.

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  5. kevols

    please put for samsung s5 atleast we have million users and we like you but we dont like sammobile please help us.


    Hi sir
    i bought new device sm-j701f .. when i will make a root using twrp …….but i dont what happened …. hang on loho samsung j7 core ;(
    when i flash the firmware ….. coming error….
    sw rev check fail device 2 biinary 1…
    check all stock rom but cant solve that problem …..dont know what i do now 🙁

  7. Roberto

    Hello Kamran, I have an S6 SM-G920I, and I want to follow your steps as in the video you uploaded to youtube, however I downloaded the file in the link up here for my cell phone, and the ZIP only contains 1 only file MD5. On your video you have several files, one for each: BL, AP, CP, CSC. Do you have specific files for each position in Odin for my phone? where should I put the file on your link in Odin? (In case you say that with this only file, the flash works). Thanks!!!

  8. Mohit Sharma

    Samsung SM N915G (Galaxy Note Edge)
    In Dec’16, post online software update provided by Samsung, mobile started getting off automatically and then I used to switch it on. On 1st Jan’17, my mobile got in morning and I could never switch it on.

    Showed mobile at Samsung Service Center and Local Vendors, all recommended to change motherboard which is out of my budget.

    Please provide solution….

    Also, if you can provide necessary firmware downloads.

    Your guidance/help can be a big help for me.

    You can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

    Thanks in advance….

  9. Louise Lenkiewics Lucas

    Hello Kamran, thanks in advance :))) So, I have a S7 Edge SM-G935f and it is stuck at the kernel is not seandroid(I purchased the phone in Switzerland, so when I went to the UK it worked normally, but when I came back to Brazil it was locked to use only local sim cards from fuckin’ Switzerland, so I did some shi* tutorial from YouTube and broke the whole thing) thing, but its not just that, it keeps resetting every 0.5 seconds(I can still access download mode though) so I can barely read the “kernel is not…” thing. Do you think if I make a clean firmware install it will solve it’s problem? I have to ask coz here in Brazil I use a limited data plan so you see I’m with my hands tied. Please help me kind sir.

  10. Eben otoo

    Please how do I calculate for the msl code to unlock Samsung J510FN, PLEASE HELP ME

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    Model: SM-A510FD
    Version: Nougat

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