How to use Realterm Serial TCP Terminal Samsung as FRP Bypass Tool

Realterm Serial TCP Terminal it is a Samsung FRP Bypass Tool. this useful for sending commands in Android mobile, you can send commands using TCP terminal even you can make calls on Samsung Android phone while FRP locked. Do not use the latest version of terminal use only given a version of the terminal.

Usage of Realterm Serial TCP Terminal Samsung FRP Bypass Tool

The RealTerm Serial TCP Terminal has support COM PORT so it can use android commands via serial component. Realterm portable software which can be used to make the call while Samsung device is locked. After making calls you can use some limited features of your mobile device by which you can install bypass application to terminate FRP lock Using chrome browser or messaging application.

For operating TCP realterm portable application you have to install Samsung USB driver in PC. after installing USB driver you will be able to see the port in device Device manager.

To check port number right click on my computer go to devise manager see the modem port number and enter the port number in real-time Software. copy the code and paste the it which is given below. just click on send ASCII it makes a call on your Samsung smartphone.

Realterm serial/TCP terminal download

How to use RealTerm: Serial/TCP Terminal


The realterm FRP unlock  Step-by-step

  1. Install an activated in a card in your device.
  2. Install Samsung USB driver required for connectivity to your Android device.
  3. Go to your setup screen and connect Wi-Fi.
  4. To connect your device you are a USB cable make sure your computer is recognizing and connected device properly.
  5.  If phone recognizes in the computer you have to find with USB port your device is connected to find your connected device go to Device manager and check the modem and right click on the modern and click property now chose port tab.
  6. After recognizing the port number open real term program in real terms display Dab make sure your check Half duplex box
  7. Enter the port number dear we have seen in device manager.
  8. Now go to send a tab in the text box and type a command. click Send ASCI
    • at+creg?\r\n
  9. Again type this command into your text field
    • atd1234;\r\n
  10. In realterm program windows, it will show a success message.
  11. now check your device if it will Mac then get a call and get Internet browser icon.
  12. Now you can close serial terminal windows.
  13. for marshmallow FRP Remove. follow this process and for lollipop FRP unlock follow this.

Realterm frp commands

RealTerm Serial TCP Terminal created for engineer and using new ideas in development revert engineering and also used for debugging device and capture an automatic text and automatic call. Has lots of commands but I am giving you to command two make only.

  • at+creg?\r\n to enable network calling connectivity
  • atd1234;\r\n to make a call on android device.


Please install latest Samsung USB driver into your operating system before using real software. I have to close antivirus before using ADB FRP file. don’t use ADB FRP file into your personal computer


I have use real-term software hundred of times I have found it safe and secure. but I have used ADB FRP file I have found many time mal-ware inside the container file that’s why I didn’t recommend that file.


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